India's Impact on Global Capability Center

55% of the world’s Global Capability Centers called India home in 2022.
That’s over 1,500 centers with 1.4 million skilled minds. While price advantage initially draws companies in, India’s hidden treasure is its talent.
Imagine a vast pool of educated professionals, with cross cultural exposure, ready to tackle diverse cross functional requirements with niche skills.

Add a thriving innovation ecosystem bursting with fresh ideas, and you have the formula for excellence. What’s more is that this workforce is extremely adaptable in working across different time-zones.
That’s why successful companies who started small in India have expanded significantly.

They discovered an invaluable partner in their quest for top-notch delivery.

Growing Skills : How Global Capability Centers Evolve

Forget the mega-centers, GCC growth starts lean! Most begin with just 20-200 people, building trust and expertise.

As companies see the value, they leverage this presence for global process and innovation. hy: understands this journey.

We specialize in setting up your GCC right and guiding its staged evolution through delivery excellence and innovation.

From humble beginnings to global impact, hy: is your partner in every step of the GCC success story.

GCC Arbitrage Evolution

GCCs aren’t one-size-fits-all. They evolve with your business. As trust grows and expertise deepens, your GCC navigates key stages, each demanding distinct leadership style and execution focus.

hy: guides you through these critical junctures. At the pivotal Point of Diversification, where GCC value explodes, we help you choose the optimal path for future optimization.

Don’t just set up, evolve your GCC with hy:, your partner in maximizing potential at every stage.

Setting up a GCC made easier by hy:

Navigating solo is challenging. Setting up a thriving India GCC requires a trusted partner. hy: walks the journey with you. From initial execution to strategic refinement, our bespoke solutions cater to your business. Our GCC veterans, having established and run large centers themselves, know the ropes and pitfalls, and guide you with proven expertise. Your India GCC dream? We make it a reality, together.
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Our proven expertise

Why Choose hy:

Long-Term Partnership

We believe in building a long term working relationship a with our clients, where your reputation essentially becomes ours.

In-depth Knowledge

Our strength lies in the fact that we have implemented and run GCCs. Draw on our decades of experience.

Real-Time Analysis and Reporting

We believe in data and provide constant reporting and alignment throughout the process. Our solutions are agile and custom made to meet your requirements

End to End Solution

We take the complexity out of building a GCC. Right from company registration through to handover we are there. We also partner in successfully running the GCC for you.

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